Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let me exspleen...

The Dolly and the Bunny started their all-day summer camp
this week. Much to everyone's relief there are several kids
they know in it.

The program (which is through the recreation department)
is pretty good - they play games, do arts and crafts and
swim everyday. And the price is right.

We were reviewing their day tonight at dinner. The Bunny was
explaining how he fell on the basketball court and re-scraped
a recent skate boarding injury. He put on a brave face in
front of all of those kids and didn't cry but he did get a little
blood on his shorts [he informed me proudly].

And then.

'This one kid fell right on his elbow' [he pointed helpfully to
his] 'and his spleen fell out!'

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One long date

Gapetto and I, the chilrun and the outlaws went to the beach 
last week. The Redneck Riveria some call it and who am I 
to argue with that?

Seriously I saw 2 women, each at a different convenience store 
who were straight out of Central Casting for the Wicked Witch 
of The West. Both were sweet but Mercy Me had they been 
hit with the Witch Stick. Missing teeth, warts with LONG hairs,
you get the picture.

The outlaws gave us a pass one night and Gapetto and I had 
a bona fide date. We ate at Fishbone which was really good.
Laughed so hard we cried. It was nice to reconnect on the
date level.

When we came back the Dolly and the Bunny were still up.
[We are crazy late-nighters, I know.]

'Mommy, you are back already!'

'Yes Dolly.'

'Did you come back to see me?'

'Yes Dolly.'

'That's nice Mommy. Besides, you and Daddy are married and 
that is like being on one long date.'

'Yes Dolly.'

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