Monday, January 31, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays 01.31.11

woke to dark and rainy skies 
you know how that can deflate me
but it is not cold - that makes up for a lot

made 4 loaves of chocolate chunk pumpkin bread late last night
wrapping them for Gapetto to take to work
today is the last of the onsite freelance gig for now
cross fingers for more

final coat of varnish on the linen closet door
from the hallway
drying on top of the dining room table

can't wait to see it up - 2 hour dry time

lunch with a decorater from the neighborhood today

this weeks mission: finish writing application

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday 01.30.11

Good Morning back at you!
You must have been up terribly early 
as you are three hours behind and a bazillion miles away...

First thing I do when I get up is check my emails and check your blog
(and enter to win the HGTV dream house)

the morning light in my office is lovely too
this are the LAST pair of earbuds Gapetto is going to buy me...

the only gun I approve of - a nail gun
just finished nailing the toe molding in the hall
all that is a left? sanding and a coat of stain for the doors

off to pick up the Dolly from her sleepover

these will have to wait...

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

the all great and powerful Oz

I know that women have been making babies 
since the beginning of time...


The Bunny Rabbit

The Dolly Llama

but sometimes I look at these beautiful beings
and I think

you know I really nailed this thing...

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Soaking it in 01.29.11

This exchange of mornings along with my excitement 
about focusing my creative energies on interiors has reopened my eyes

(I guess I switched my focus some time ago?)

I look for the beauty in everyday things like I did as a young designer

 apples and cherries

preparing a relaxing bath

I love the light streaming through the shutters 
of my bathroom in the morning

my beautiful new interiors book 
along with the requisite Elle Decors

my toes are always hidden in warm socks and warm shoes 
or warm (and worn) slippers
I'd forgotten that the Dolly painted my nails a few days ago

always by my side
as long as she is sure she will not be bathed

not alone anymore
the Dolly getting ready for a birthday sleepover today
she is beyond excited

quiet moments are planned then dashed
privacy is a thing of the past
this is the reality of being a mother

and I soak it all in

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Friday, January 28, 2011

My very own Unibomber 01.28.11

I am having a very hard time sleeping. 
Too excited about morphing my career and too nervous 
about the application to the dream school. 

It is not having a good effect on my early morning appearance.
Gapetto snapped this and said

'It's like having my very own Unibomber!'

come on MOM!

Dolly's kicks

running late...


Thursday, January 27, 2011

319 Miles Apart is a very long way...

My very best friend has spurred me in to doing something 
that I seemed to be incapable of lately - posting.

Here is what she has on her blog today:

3191 Miles Apart

I just found this blog:

the story of two friends living on two coasts and since 
my very best friend lives about that far away from me 
I was moved…So Mrs. Smith - this is for you

Her pictures followed. Go check them out.

So here you go Thelma, just another day in paradise.

Trusty slippers are falling apart - it is very cold in the 
corner of my office - 35 out now

Here are the pretty colors of my crooked little hall
that you know I have started and stopped 
working on a zillion times

in my crooked little house

pretty floor finally uncovered

my trusty sidekick - Josarino!

She misses you too...