Monday, March 30, 2009

My little girl

She sat in the armchair by the sliding glass doors 
watching and waiting. A look of concern darkening 
her usually happy face.

Bryan and his girlfriend had arrived that evening 
and Alexis had received a phone call about her 
grandfather - he was likely to die at any time. 
Alexis' eyes had teared up and she left out the sliding 
glass door no doubt for some alone time to collect 
herself and have a smoke away where the children 
wouldn't see her.

Dolly waited.

When she came back Dolly gave her one of her 
signature tree frog hugs - legs wrapped around her 
waist and arms thrown tightly around her neck.

Saturday Bryan and Alexis stayed behind while we 
shopped in downtown Disney. The Twinkies free 
birthday passes also came with $63 Disney Dollars 
a piece. Gapetto and the Bunny went one direction 
and the Dolly and I headed off for jewelry.

We looked and looked and added up different things, 
then we looked some more. I thought perhaps she 
just couldn't get over the hump of actually spending 
any of it so I was talking to her about how much 
I knew she REALLY wanted the charm bracelet. 
She quietly led me off in another direction.

Finally we added up her things: one charm bracelet 
and four additional charms, one pink Disney watch 
and a light green necklace with a big 'crystal' jem 
on it - exactly $63. [I threw in the tax money.]

I put the charms on her bracelet and hooked it on 
her wrist, I pulled out the watch and did the same. 

She began to close up the box and put it away.

'Dolly don't you want to wear your pretty necklace?'

She shook her head no.

'It's for Alexis.'

How I love that little girl.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Twinkies!

Number seven. 

The Dolly wouldn't let us say it to her until 9:14 this morning. 
Then she bummed out when Grammy and Poppy sang 
Happy Birthday to the Bunny at 9:00.

'It's not fair - they should wait for me to turn seven!'

Ahhhh - were all our problems this serious...

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disney: in the middle

I LOVE this photo.

I am in the front following my bliss...

The Bunny is next to me TOTALLY in to it.
[After every wild ride we get the requisite
'That was AWESOME!!!']

The Dolly is behind him Screaming. In. Terror. 
Gapetto is beside her sort of hidden but happy. 

Grammy has her whole face slammed shut 
and Poppy is just beginning to react.

Here are my babies last night at the Polynesian -
great place for viewing fireworks.

And to REALLY inject some birthday bliss
Bryan and his girlfriend arrived tonight.

Happy 7th birthday (tomorrow) little lovies! 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disney: in the beginning

'Are you telling the truth?'

'What about school?'

"Does this mean we are not going to the skate park this afternoon?'

[Oh yes he did!]

More soon...

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Friday, March 20, 2009

The secret...

Pssst - we are leaving for Disney on Sunday. 
The Bunny and the Dolly have no idea - 
a 7 year old birthday surprise of the highest order!

                       * * * * * * * *

This is our Cherry tree today - first day of spring!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And now, The Dolly LLama

When Gapetto and I returned from our jaunt up to the 
Northeast [a little worn out and craving some baby-love] 
we were presented with this note from the Dolly, 
along with lots of hugs and kisses.

[And of course the requisite 'did you bring me a present?']

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Letter to Bryan 7/20/99

Dear Bryan,

I received your beautiful letter yesterday and I think you
did get it just right. And I think you are a handsome devil
even if you do look like me! I would love to see you when
you are in Metropolis of the Deep South and would like to
invite you to stay with us. From what I have read you have
turned out to be a remarkable young man and this is a very
happy and joyous occasion.

I too have thought often about you over the years - certainly
every April 1st and many times in between. It is just incredible
to hear from you and I so look forward to getting to know you.
I wonder who will have more questions? Or if either one of us
will be able to get a word in edgewise. There is so much to
share I think I will just leave it for when you come.

I do want to update you on a few things. I am no longer
married to Mr. In-the-Wrong-Place-at-the-Wrong-Time -
it didn't work out but we parted on pretty good terms.
(he has one of the cats) But I am very happily married to
my soulmate Gapetto and we are hoping to start a family
of our own. I don't have an other children (yet). I do have
a chocolate lab who may as well be my child - that's a
picture of her that I have attached. I'd send you one of
me but don't have one at work.

You and Melanie are both very welcome in our
home and Gapetto and I would love to have you
stay with us if you feel comfortable with that.
We have a big old house in Mayberry which is about
6 miles from downtown Metropolis of the Deep South
and is a great little town. We are busily renovating
it and would like to show it off to you. You'll be the
first people to see our new kitchen

Bryan, you have given me a great gift along with your
parents. Contacting me and meeting feels so good
to me - it completes something started so long ago
and it starts something wonderful and new. In my
wildest dreams I didn't dare hope for such a wonderful
opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you and
seeing you. Please let me know your travel plans and
dates you might arrive if you can.



[Wasn't it Lawrence Welk who always said wonderful, wonderful?]

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When my brother came over.

This is a guest post by none other than the Bunny Rabbit.

To say that he loves his big brother Bryan would be an 
understatement of serious magnitude...

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Sunday, March 8, 2009



'Hi Merrily - it's MK'

'Are you alright?'

'I'm in the hospital - my biopsies revealed I have 
cancer in both lungs'

"Oooh, MK..."

Camera zooms in on Merrily as background fades 
and zooms away from her.

Only this is not a movie.

This is Thursday morning. 

And MK is worried about Dim...

I've know MK's husband Uncle Dim [as my young twins 
called him] since 1980 when we both arrived for art 
school.The school had rented half of an apartment 
complex to house the students and Dim and his 
roommates lived right next door to me and mine.
It was party at first sight.

Dim and his roommate JS were in Visual Communications 
as was I. JS was second year but Dim was first like me. 
We were in school together for 2 years.

We hung out together, partied together, vacationed 
together. We had a group of about 10 in our posse. 

Wild we were.

Dim looked like Roger Daltry, long curly blonde hair 
and he had a girlfriend in Columbus GA he called his 
'chick' [he will deny this if you ask him but it is the 
truth]. He was the first real southern boy I ever met - 
he was bonafide. At one point we considered dating 
but decided against it.

Over time jobs and moves and loves split most of us 
up. Ironically the midwestern girl stayed [that would 
be me].

In 1996 I was working at the Olympics when I heard a 
familiar male voice call my name. It was Dim with a 
date. He kept saying ‘you look exactly how I thought 
you would.’ He introduced me to MK, an Irish-Catholic 
girl from a big family up north. She had dark hair and 
impossibly merry blue eyes – black Irish as my mother 
would say. We chatted for awhile and exchanged 
numbers promising to get together.

MK told me later that she asked Dim if she was some 
weird sort of replacement for me.

I was dating Gapetto and we planned an evening out 
with them. We enjoyed ourselves and promised to do 
more together.

They got married in Rochester and a year or two later 
we were married here and moved into our house. 
We began hanging out in earnest. MK and I decided we 
were Evil Party Twins [or EPTs] - we seemed to just 
have way to much fun together and would generally 
pay for it the next morning. They took to packing 
overnight bags when they came over sometimes not 
leaving for three days.

And then.

MK’s job took them to Jacksonville. We had tickets to 
visit them before they even moved. We cried...

‘I thought we would raise our children together.’

I was going for the jugular.

They were just gone a year or two before they moved 
back. I helped Dim find their house before MK even 
moved back here – it is about 4 miles from ours.

I finally became pregnant and had the twins. Dim and 
MK were first on the call list. MK came on her lunch 
hour and was the very first to see them and hold them. 
We discovered later that she more than likely conceived 
that week as she had a little girl 9 months later. Life 
was changing like crazy but we were on parallel tracks.

And then. 

Our husbands both seemed to go through some mid-life 
type thing and were getting rather argumentative 
with each other. Dim and MK were making lots of new 
friends in their new neighborhood. MK and I vowed 
that our husbands’ spats would not interfere with our 
friendship but of course we didn’t spend as much 
time together. 

I missed her.

Just lately we had started to do things again. She was 
going in for the biopsies and the doctors were sure 
they would rule out cancer. They are very surprised 
with the results - as we all are.

MK is 41 years old.

She is a fighter.

She will have a PET scan soon and then will begin 
very aggressive chemo treatments. 

The cancer is inoperable. 

It has not been staged yet.

She is a fighter.

Her daughter is six years old. Her whole life is ahead 
of her and MK will want to be there.

She is a fighter.

I will be there to help – however I can – with her 
innumerable other friends.

She is a fighter.

And I am flummoxed...

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Monday, March 2, 2009

The deep south?